Join Twigs & Twine this Fall to learn how Science Makes Us Superheroes!
Fridays at 3:30pm - 5:30pm - a few spots left!
Wednesdays 9:30am-11:30am - open!
6 Week Fall Session: September 11th - October 16th
$180 for six week session - 15% discount for sibs!
*Interested in joining? Email to sign up or for additional info!

Twigs & Twine is a fun and interactive home-based parent and child workshop inspired by the wonder of children as they discover the world around them. Each week, parents and children have the opportunity to participate in singing and movement, play that supports cognitive, emotional and motor development and a central group project inspired by the session theme. Each class ends with a delicious homemade organic snack and time to play in the classroom and garden.

Come enjoy the blossoming world around us at our Fall session, Science Makes Us Superheroes! This workshop will be themed around the many ways that science helps us in our daily lives and exists in everything we see around us! Supporting a love of science and introducing the principals of scientific inquiry are such an important part of early childhood education. And it is incredible to see the world through the eyes of a child as they discover all the interesting processes and phenomenon that exist...everywhere! During this session, we will discover how our bodies have incredible powers to navigate through different obstacles, our senses make us amazing detectives, with a single breath or wave of our arm we can create bubbles and move huge objects and much more! Come explore how different (safe and non-toxic!) chemicals react when we put them together, go on gathering hunts for interesting materials and items in nature and tons of messy art and fun!

Email Ashleigh at to register or for more information!

Twigs & Twine welcomes children and parents of all ages and our workshops are specifically designed to be developmentally most appropriate for toddlers (beginning walkers) and early preschoolers. We also love sibilings! We welcome siblings under 10 months for free and have a 15% discount for older sibs! Contact Ashleigh at for further info.

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  1. Ash,

    Your Spring Session: Play in the Garden sounds fantastic! Gardening is the perfect way for kids to reconnect with nature. What better way to learn about mother nature?! Brilliant.